bernadette wirtz director of dcservices

With over two decades of experience in crafting innovative learning solutions for global organisations, I am committed to delivering tailored training solutions that transform your L&D needs into impactful results.

I can help you with:
Content strategy and curriculum framework design
Course instructional design for all modes of delivery
Training workshop content development and facilitation
Program evaluation, assessment validation and accessibility review

My Approach

pink target image on my approach flip cards


Designing high quality content and
activities that directly align
with the learners’ needs,
experiences, and real-world
challenges to enhance practical

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Working closely with clients as
strategic partners, actively
involving them in the design
process through open
communication and continuous
refinement to ensure L&D
requirements are met.

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Aligning the learning design
with defined goals and
objectives, ensuring that every
element of the learning
experience is geared towards
achieving desired results.

Past Clients

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ABN: 92787 705 043